Do you have post-op tooth pain?

Did your root canal leave you in pain? While some post-operative pain is normal, it should get better after a week or so. If not, it’s possible the root canal did more harm than good. Up to 50% of root canals are done poorly compared the standard set by the American Association of Endodontists (root canal specialists).

An untreated or poorly treated canal can mean your initial problem was never fixed, in spite of having the root canal treatment. Another possibility is the dentist “overfilled” the canal, drilling through the bottom of the tooth and possibly hitting a nerve.

Patients Andrea and Bryce (below) both suffered after their root canals, and both were assured that everything was fine. It wasn’t. Poor quality root canals meant they continued to suffer needlessly. Luckily, they were able to get the work verified and eventually retreated by a quality dentist.


Hear from patients who chose not to live with pain any longer

Andrea used online reviews to find the best dentist in her area. Her dentist was nice, the staff friendly, and the office was gorgeous. However, she continued to have pain over a week after her root canal. When she went back to the dentist he prescribed antibiotics without ever even looking at the work. That's when she got the work verified.

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“There are some many things in our life that we always double check. Why wouldn’t you want to double check when someone puts a drill into your mouth?” -Andrea, dental patient

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