About VeriTooth

VeriTooth is a new company founded by two Harvard-educated endodontist (specialists in root canals) and a former Silicon Valley tech executive who were tired of seeing patients and doctors struggle to identify and demonstrate quality. Today patients review dentists based on wait times, office decor and staff friendliness; all important but doesn’t speak to the actual quality of the care provided. Our mission is to help patients better understand quality dental care and give doctors the tools to promote and demonstrate quality.


Our Model


VeriTooth is modeled on Consumer Reports. Similarly, we use a clear criteria of quality and make it transparent for consumers so everyone can deliver and get better dental care.

We are currently working with endodontists, general dental practitioners, and the American Association of Endodontics (AAE); people who share our passion for quality dental care and are setting the standard for all providers.


VeriTooth Reviewers

VeriTooth Reviewers are all volunteers who have a passion for quality in the dental industry. They are not paid and are unbiased in their reviews. All Reviewers are vetted by VeriTooth to ensure they are qualified to review and have the necessary credentials. We check their background, education and experience. For example, a Reviewer of Root Canals is required to have specialist training in Root Canals and able to assess and test against the AAE Standard of Treatment.

In fact, most dentists continually volunteer a portion of their time because they care about patients and want to see the dental industry continue to grow and improve. Many dentists don’t just practice dentistry in the office; they regularly attend conferences, assist in peer reviews, sit on standards boards, review research, and so many other unpaid duties to help patients and the industry.