Become a Reviewer

The dental industry is in trouble, and we need your help. There is a wide variety of quality in clinical work done today. However, patients assess quality based on non-clinical experiences like wait times, office décor, doctor friendliness and procedure cost. While these things matter to patients, what about the work itself? The industry needs a way to demonstrate quality and continue to build trust with patients.

Help Build Trust Through Transparency

With VeriTooth you can help verify quality clinical work; building trust with patients and promoting high quality work in dentistry.

Are you a Dentist or Endodontist and want to help?

Building trust through transparency

VeriTooth was created to help dentists and patients verify the quality of the work that patients receive. It’s our vision to transform the dental industry by shining a light on high quality work and helping patients get better outcomes.

VeriTooth Reviewers are volunteers who have a passion for quality in the dental industry. They are unbiased in their reviews; checking the submitted radiographs against the AAE Standard of Treatment.

Reviewing is fast, simple and anonymous!

Anonymous reviews of dental work

VeriTooth provides dentists and patients a simple and secure environment to upload radiographs for your review. All patient and dentist information is hidden to protect privacy and ensure an unbiased review. And as a reviewer, your information is also private and never shared with the dentist or patient.

Simple, impartial review process

Reviews can take less than one minute as you compare the uploaded radiographs against the AAE (American Association of Endodontists) Standard of Treatment criteria. VeriTooth walks you through a few simple checks for signs of obvious issues like long/short fill, missed canals, perforation or a separated instrument.

Demonstrated Quality

Now patients will get clear feedback on the quality of the dental work without impacting dentist’s relationships. Your report is shared with the dentist and patient, telling them how well the work met (or didn’t meet) the standards of care. And none of your personal information is shared.