Worried about the quality of dental care?

Up to 50% of root canals are not done to dental industry standards. And the results are worse for molars. As patients, we struggle to assess the quality of dental care we receive. But you don’t have to. Now you can verify the work with VeriTooth.

“There are some many things in our life that we always double check. Why wouldn’t you want to double check when someone puts a drill into your mouth?” -Andrea, dental patient

You’re not alone

Lots of other patients are struggling with the quality of dental care they receive.

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Andrea used online reviews to find the best dentist in her area. Her dentist was nice, the staff friendly, and the office was gorgeous. However, she later learned the quality of the work was poor.

Bryce thought all dentists were professional and trustworthy, that someone was already holding them accountable. He spent years thinking he had to live with bad dental work...until he got it verified.