Dentists – Let your work speak for itself

You spent years perfecting your trade and attend CE courses annually, all with a focus on delivering quality dental care. However, patient reviews focus on wait times, office décor, staff friendliness and cost. While these things matter to patients, what about the work itself? You need a way to demonstrate quality and let the work speak for itself.

Build your business on quality

With VeriTooth you can demonstrate quality dentistry to new and existing patients.

Building your business on QUALITY.

VeriTooth was created to help dentists and patients verify the quality of the work that patients receive. It’s our vision to transform the dental industry by shining a light on high quality work and helping patients get better outcomes. Now you have a tool to demonstrate impartial clinical quality to patients so you can grow your practice on the great work you do.


Hear from dentists who are already using VeriTooth

Hear from other dentist who are already using VeriTooth in their practice.

The process is safe, simple and secure!

Invite your patients

After you complete a root canal, let your patient know how important quality is to you, and that you want to have the work verified. The patient can then create an account on and make a request for an impartial review of the work.

Get an expert review

An impartial qualified dental expert will do a short review of the radiographs against the industry defined standard for root canals; the AAE (American Association of Endodontists) Standard of Treatment criteria. Once the review is complete you get the full report.

Prove your quality

When a review is favorable the patient gets the full report and a link suggesting he/she share it on review sites like Yelp and Google Reviews. We’ve seen an up to 10% increase in positive reviews as a result.

If the reviewer identifies a problem, you are notified and can contact the patient directly to discuss the results and your expert recommendation.

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Start growing your practice based on quality now. Make sure you’re getting reviewed on quality dentistry. VeriTooth gives you the tools to have a positive patient interaction and to demonstrate quality through online reviews to perspective patients.