Patients are Reviewing You WRONG!

VeriTooth launched as a way to verify the clinical quality of a root canal against industry standards. And almost immediately we started to hear from two vocal and distinct camps; those for and against.

Some dentists and specialist were immediately for VeriTooth and demonstrating quality to patients.

“Yelp has no business in healthcare!” We heard from one dentist, explaining why patients are poor judges of dental quality.

“I want my work to speak for itself.” We heard from many others.

Some dentists went to far as to immediately promote VeriTooth to their patients.

“I want my patients to know I’m focused on quality and to ensure they’re well take care of. By getting the work verified I’ll give both my patient and myself peace of mind.” One San Antonio-based endodontist told us.

But some dentists hate the idea.

“I don’t want someone reviewing my work.” We heard over and over again.

That’s a very reasonable response. The problem is a dentist work is already being reviewed… by patients. Patients are using experiences like wait times, bedside manners and office décor as good indicators of dental quality.

We saw one famous endodontist get a 1-star review because he failed to pick up a call from a prospective patient while on vacation.

We heard opposite stories from dentists about how their bedside manner resulted in 1-star reviews.

“When I’m working I tend to focus and not talk a lot.” A Texas-based endodontist told us. “Then I went online and saw a 1-star review because I wasn’t chatty enough. I didn’t know that was important!”

Another endodontist got a 1-star review for being too chatty.

Patients don’t have the knowledge or insight to be able to accurately assess dental quality. In fact, as far back as 1986 research in the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) found that patients and dentists evaluated quality very differently.

VeriTooth isn’t out to attack dentists. We’re here to give dentist a tool to showcase quality dentistry. We want to educate patients on how to assess quality in specific procedures and give dentist the tools to demonstrate quality to existing and potential patients.

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Learn more about the criteria VeriTooth checks. We’re using the AAE Standard of Care to do some basic spot checks on common problems. In fact, we even offer a private review option to allow dentist to have their work reviewed as a way to improve without the patient seeing anything. So now you can get feedback on your work from peers without any potential impact to your practice. To learn more about this option Contact Us