DSOs – Monitor your practice for quality

You monitor a number of KPIs to track the health of your business. But what about quality?

A quality KPI can be a leading indicator of the future health of your business. When patients get low quality work they’re more likely to need expensive rework or leave your practice entirely. But now there is a way to add a quality KPI to your business health metrics; VeriTooth.

Your new quality KPI

VeriTooth offers a “spot check” of dental work by comparing radiographs to industry defined best practices. This quick check can be tracked by treating doctor, location and over time allowing for more detailed business analysis. And while a single radiograph won’t tell the full story of how a patient was treated, it can give you an indicator of where additional analysis might be needed.

While it was initially difficult for the dentists at Creekside to let themselves be reviewed by VeriTooth, it ultimately became a great tool for building quality and trust with patients. Hear what it was like for Dr. Young and his team.

The process is safe, simple and secure!

Upload radiographs

After a dentist completes a procedure, your office staff upload the pre and post radiographs to the VeriTooth platform via a simple, intuitive and secure interface.

Get an expert review

An impartial qualified dental expert will do a short review of the radiographs against the industry defined standard. For example, for root canals; the AAE (American Association of Endodontists) Standard of Treatment criteria. Once the review is complete you get the full report.

Track and alert for quality

If the reviewer identifies a problem, you can be notified immediately to see if action is needed. Over time you can track results based on doctor, office, procedure and more.

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