Verify your root canal

Root canal treatment has been proven safe and effective…when done correctly. However, up to 50% of root canals are not done to dental industry standards. And the results are worse for molars.

Do you know the difference between a “Good” and “Bad” root canal? Don’t be intimidated. Get the facts and be prepared to discuss quality with your dentist:

Verify your dental work

VeriTooth essentially performs a “spot check” on your x-rays to confirm if the work was done within dental industry standards and guidelines. All work is reviewed by an independent specialist and your identity is hidden. It’s completely secure, unbiased, and impartial

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The process is safe, simple and secure!


You Request Your X‑Rays

Once you create an account, VeriTooth will email your dentist for a digital copy of your X‑rays. It’s no cost or problem for you; in fact, dental offices are legally required to get you a copy for free.

Your Dentist Submits Your X-Rays

Your dental office will be provided a link to upload your x-rays to a secure location for review. All your personal information will be “scrubbed” to ensure your privacy is protected.

A Specialist Verifies The Work

An impartial and qualified dental expert will compare your x-rays to clearly defined criteria for quality dental care as defined by the AAE (American Association of Endodontists), the root canal experts in the ADA (American Dental Association).

Our Mission – Quality in Dentistry

How can you find a good quality dentist and trust the work he/she does? Online reviews cover things like cost, timeliness and the office environment. At VeriTooth we go deeper to actually assess the quality of the dental work itself.

Dentistry is a science with clear guidelines for what is and isn’t quality care. These guidelines were defined by the AAE (American Association of Endodontists), the ADA (American Dental Association) recognized experts in root canal. We’ve input those criteria into the platform and use them to help validate the quality of work provided.

Now both patients and dentists can have a transparent conversation about quality dental care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my X-rays safe with VeriTooth?

The VeriTooth process is safe, secure, and confidential. Your request and files are scrubbed of any identifying information and submitted to qualified dentists for an unbiased review. All data is stored in a secure environment.

Who reviews my VeriTooth request?

The VeriTooth review team are volunteer dental specialists who want to highlight quality and transparency in the dental industry. All reviewers’ credentials have been validated by VeriTooth and their reviews are regularly checked by industry peers. In addition to trusted experts, VeriTooth has pulled together research and best practices that all reviewers use to verify the quality of the work. These best practices have been adopted by both the ADA (American Dental Association) and the AAE (American Association of Endodontists), experts in root canals.

Is an X-ray enough to prove good/bad dentistry?

In short, no. An x-ray is not enough to determine the overall care a patient receives. By reviewing a before and after x-ray VeriTooth is basically performing a "spot check." Nothing replaces a full consultation and the x-ray definitely doesn’t show everything. The x-rays are one data point to help patients and dentists jointly assess quality.

What about other procedures?

Right now VeriTooth is launching with a focus on root canals. But we definitely plan to offer additional review capabilities in the future including crowns, fillings and extractions.

Why is VeriTooth free?

VeriTooth is currently testing our service with patients and doctor’s offices to identify any potential issues before we launch more publicly in the coming months.

Are you a Dentist or Endodontist and want to help?

Join the growing team of experts who want to highlight quality in the dental field. We’re always looking for more reviewers, advisors and thought leaders. Please sign up now and we’ll send you information on how you can get involved.